Breakfast Hours:
10:00 am till 4 pm Saturday

11:00 am till 4 pm Mon-Friday


Upgrade to any waffle for 3

All served with pastrami hashbrown

*Downtowners Breakfast Two eggs, two slices bacon, country style sausage. Belgian waffle or toast 10

*Hangover Skillet ~ Pastrami hashbrowns, bacon, ham, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, cheese, two eggs any style, country bacon gravy. Belgian waffle or toast 12

^* Steak and Eggs ~ Steak, 2 eggs. Belgian waffle or toast 12

*Ham and Eggs ~ Ham steak, 2 eggs. Belgian waffle or toast 10

*^Kitchen Sink Omelet ~ Bacon, ham, sausage, white cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers. Belgian waffle or toast 11

*Croque Madame ~ Toasted beer bun, filled with homemade pastrami and mustard, covered with 2 slices of melted Swiss cheese and topped with a sunny side egg 11

*Holy Mole ~ Toasted beer bun, guacamole, American cheese, fried egg, country style sausage, pastrami. 10

Breakfast Nachos ~ Smoked pork, wonton chips, slaw, Thai peanut sauce, scallions, 2 eggs 11

*^Burrito ~ Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers, tomato tortilla, hollandaise sauce. Belgian waffle or toast 11


Choice of meat

Naughty ~ Brownie bites, Fudge sauce, marshmallow fluff, strawberries 12

*Nice ~ Granola, Greek yogurt, strawberries, ND honey 12

Fluff ~ Strawberries, marshmallow fluff and candied walnuts 12

*Caramel Roll French Toast ~ Its really good 11

Our eggs are all locally raised

Gluten friendly bread options available

Many items available as Gluten Free if requested at time of order


Served with pastrami hashbrowns and seasonal fruit

*Eggs Patterson ~ Ham, poached eggs, hollandaise on a beer bun 11

*Salmon ~ Fresh salmon, spinach, roasted peppers, poached eggs, roasted pepper hollandaise, asiago on a beer bun 12

*Crab Benedict ~ Crab cakes, poached eggs, beer bun, roasted red pepper, bacon bits, hollandaise 12


*Caramel Roll 4

*Country style sausage 4

Pastrami hashbrowns 4

*Ham steak 6

*Bacon 4

Bacon gravy 2

Hollandaise 2

Egg 1.25

Toast 2

Gluten free toast 4

Cup of Fruit 4

Bowl of Fruit 6

Belgian waffle 4

*^Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar ~ 8.75

Mimosa ~ Blueberry, Orange, Mango, Lychee, Apple, Peach 9.75

*Local Ingredients used 

^ Gluten free