Breakfast Hours:
10:00 am till 4 pm Saturday

11:00 am till 4 pm Mon-Friday


Upgrade to any waffle for 3

All served with pastrami hashbrown

*Downtowners Breakfast Two eggs, two slices bacon, country style sausage. Belgian waffle or toast 10

*Hangover Skillet ~ Pastrami hashbrowns, bacon, ham, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, cheese, two eggs any style, country bacon gravy. Belgian waffle or toast 12

^* Steak and Eggs ~ Steak, 2 eggs. Belgian waffle or toast 12

*Ham and Eggs ~ Ham steak, 2 eggs. Belgian waffle or toast 10

*^Kitchen Sink Omelet ~ Bacon, ham, sausage, white cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers. Belgian waffle or toast 11

*Croque Madame ~ Toasted beer bun, filled with homemade pastrami and mustard, covered with 2 slices of melted Swiss cheese and topped with a sunny side egg 11

*Holy Mole ~ Toasted beer bun, guacamole, American cheese, fried egg, country style sausage, pastrami. 10

Breakfast Nachos ~ Smoked pork, wonton chips, slaw, Thai peanut sauce, scallions, 2 eggs 11

*^Burrito ~ Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers, tomato tortilla, hollandaise sauce. Belgian waffle or toast 11


Choice of meat

Naughty ~ Brownie bites, Fudge sauce, marshmallow fluff, strawberries 12

*Nice ~ Granola, Greek yogurt, strawberries, ND honey 12

Fluff ~ Strawberries, marshmallow fluff and candied walnuts 12

*Caramel Roll French Toast ~ Its really good 11

Gluten friendly bread options available

Many items available as Gluten Free if requested at time of order


Served with pastrami hashbrowns and seasonal fruit

*Eggs Patterson ~ Ham, poached eggs, hollandaise on a beer bun 11

*Salmon ~ Fresh salmon, spinach, roasted peppers, poached eggs, roasted pepper hollandaise, asiago on a beer bun 12

*Crab Benedict ~ Crab cakes, poached eggs, beer bun, roasted red pepper, bacon bits, hollandaise 12


*Caramel Roll 4

*Country style sausage 4

Pastrami hashbrowns 4

*Ham steak 6

*Bacon 4

Bacon gravy 2

Hollandaise 2

Egg 1.25

Toast 2

Gluten free toast 4

Cup of Fruit 4

Bowl of Fruit 6

Belgian waffle 4

*^Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar ~ 8.75

Mimosa ~ Blueberry, Orange, Mango, Lychee, Apple, Peach 9.75

*Local Ingredients used 

^ Gluten free