The Peacock Alley has been awarded the Best Martini in Bismarck once again!

Our bar is staffed by professional mixologists who take pride in every cocktail they make. All cocktails are made from the finest ingredients. If you don’t see what you want on the list ask your server or bartender, chances are we can make it!



Espresso^ ~ Its our most popular martini 8.75


Monkey Tail ~ Chocolate banana 9

Pineapple Upside Down Cake~ Graham cracker rimmed glass and a cherry 8.50

Birthday Cake~ Cake vodka, white chocolate 8.50

Bomb Pop ~ Red, white, and blue layered goodness 9

Lemon Drop ~ Smirnoff citrus (add strawberries for a strawberry lemon drop) 8.50

Strawberry ~ Strawberry, lemonade, puree 8.5

French ~ Raspberry, Chambord, pineapple juice 8.50

Peach ~ Peach, lemonade, cran juiceĀ  8

Cosmopolitan^~ Always sexy in Bismarck 8.50

Ketel Bleu ~ Ketel One vodka with bleu cheese olives 9.50

007*^ ~ Choose your vodka or gin, dirtiness and dryness 8.50

Extra Dry=Dash of vermouth


Dirty=Olive juice

Twist=Lemon peel

Straight Up= No vermouth

Housemade Bleu Cheese Olives 2 for .25



Moscow Mule^ ~ Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, lime juice 8

Choose Bulleit and make it a Kentucky Mule

Manhattan~ Whiskey, bourbon or brandy, vermouth, maraschino cherry, angostura bitters 8 Add scotch for a Rob Roy

Old Fashioned~ Pick your bourbon, brandy or whiskey 7

Margarita ~ 100% agave Jose tradicional, lime, triple sec, sweet and sour 8

Bloody Mary^ -Smirnoff, beef stick, olives, celery, pickled egg, cheese curd, lime and our secret recipe mix 8.75

Bloody Caesar ^(Clamdigger)- Smirnoff, shrimp cocktail, olives, pickled egg, cheese curd, celery, lime, banana peppers and our secret recipe 8.75


5th Street Breeze ~ Smirnoff sourced apple cranberry vodka, pineapple juice 8

Cucumber Cooler^~ Cucumbers and limes, Svedka cucumber lime, agave nectar, club soda 8.50


Blueberry ~ Smirnoff blueberry, blueberries, blueberry juice, lemonade 8.75

Raspberry Tea ~ Smirnoff Raspberry, ice tea 8

Strawberry Lemonade ~ Smirnoff strawberry, lemonade, strawberry puree 8

Peach Tea ~ Smirnoff peach vodka, peach juice, ice tea 8